Werner Labs and EMWIN (Emergency Managers Weather Information Network)

---------- Major announcement! May 2017 ----------

NOAA has announced that GOES-16 will be replacing GOES-13 at the GOES-EAST location (75 degrees west), and that GOES-WEST will continue as-is.

The switchover from EMWIN/LRIT to HRIT is scheduled for November 2017. The exact date for the switchover has not been announced. New equipment will be needed.

Those wishing to continue using EMWIN should point their antennas at GOES-WEST by November.

Werner Labs will not be selling EMWIN equipment to new users, but will continue to support existing customers.

Also, due to concerns about interference making HRIT not usable in CONUS, Werner Labs has decided NOT to offer equipment for HRIT. Please contact other vendors for your needs.

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