Chatty Beetle: A Rugged Iridium Satellite Terminal for Short Burst Data (SBD) sevice.

SBD is a mechanism used to deliver short data messages to the Internet over the Iridium satellite network, anywhere in the world.


FEATURES: The Chatty Beetle is a rugged portable satellite terminal that operates through the Iridium gateway to the Internet. This offers the user the capability of transmitting and receiving e-mail messages anywhere in the world. The unit is housed in an almost indestructible plastic case, and, with the lid closed and latched, it will float. It is capable of operation on a wide variety of the world’s AC power lines (100 to 240 volts, 50/60 Hz), from 12 volts DC, or from its internal batteries. When fully charged, the internal batteries will power the unit from 1 to 3 days depending upon the amount of time messages are transmitted (uploaded to the satellite). The batteries are of the Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology and are approved for transport on airplanes (DOT, IATA, FAA, and CAB).

The display is an LCD viewable in the dark (backlit) as well as direct sunlight, and is configured as 4 lines of 40 characters. The maximum length of a single message is 159 characters. However, the unit has memory for 10 messages to be stored so that more than one message may be sent at one time. As new messages are received, the oldest one is erased.

When a message is not being displayed, the status of the unit is on the display showing the state of battery charge, the received signal strength from the satellite, and the number of unread messages.

When a new message(s) is received the “ALARM” light will flash to provide a visual indication. Also, an audible indication may be heard depending upon the priority of the message.

An "AUXILIARY" connector is provided for remote control. It features a set of relay contacts, a RS-232 serial port, and two logic levels controls.

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Technical Specifications
  • Weight:13 pounds (6 kg)
  • Overall dimensions:approx. 12" X 13.5" X 6" (4.7cm X 5.3cm X 2.35cm)
  • Power: AC, 100 to 240 vols 50/60 Hz or DC, 12 volts at approx 0.65 amps max
  • Accessories: Antenna and power cable per buyers desires.
  • Custom features and software available

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